Red’s Electric can enhance your home with electrical innovations such as Lite Touch and Leviton advanced technologies and integrated network systems

It is now possible for you to bring elegant homes to life and support the homeowners’ individual lifestyles. With Lite Touch technologies, advanced lighting systems and integrated control systems, many tasks are programmed to be performed automatically at just the right time of day, to create just the right mood.

It is not science fiction. We can provide the luxury features affluent homeowners want to enhance their lifestyles. We can install the advanced controls necessary to make these exciting ideas a reality.

With these advanced features, at the touch of a single button in the morning, the homeowner can slowly bring the master bedroom lights up to 40%, start the shower, activate kitchen appliances. Also, because these features operate off the same three way bus, changing control buttons is easy. There is no need for any rewiring to add or remove buttons on a control station.

Red’s Electric is a certified installer for Lite Touch controls

Gentle Awakening
As dawn breaks, your exterior lighting automatically shuts off. Before you wake, LiteTouch brings the master bedroom lights up to 40%

Welcome Home
As you arrive home from work, one button at your front door turns of home lights, turns up the thermostat, turns on audio/video equipment and turns off security lights.